Our team of highly qualified technicians and engineers are always in search for newer hi tech setups and newer entertainment options involving the latest technologies which add a great value to the event. If you are looking for that "somthing different" for your event, we have many such options which probably you would'nt have ever seen or imagined....

We have very innovative set designs and ideas for product launches and other events.... Some of the highly advanced setup we can offer are :
- Laser shows acts
- 3D mapping on buildings and monuments.
- Balloon TV
- Interactive Screens
- Interactive Floor
- Interactive Kiosks
- Customized interactive Cinema Halls branding options.
- Watch Out - a seamless 30ft screen (can be longer too)
- 270 degrees projection
- Aerial video shooting
- LED curtain / wall
- Water curtain with logo branding.
- Fog Screen
- LED floor

Other setups include :
- Hydruallic setup
- Revolving setup - upto 35 feet in diameter
- Stage cold fire effects / Fire balls
- Breaking glass
- Dry ice fog machines
- Snow machine / Bubble machine
- Ambience lighting - outdoor or indoors (both for corporate events and weddings)
- Customized Theme based setups
- Replica of various products (upto any size) for launches.

and much much more.